Explore GRND Fitness: Elevate Your Journey with Innovative Programs and a Supportive Community.

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Fitness on Your Terms: New Challenges, Every Day

Step into GRND Fitness – Your Workout, On Your Time. No Schedules, Just Daily Changing Challenges. Join Our Vibrant Community and Dive Into the Ultimate Flexible Fitness Experience!

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At Grnd Fitness, we're on a mission to give individuals the power, with cutting-edge programs, expert guidance, and a supportive community, fostering a sense of belonging and inspiring a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle—one workout at a time. Welcome to Grnd Fitness, where your journey to a healthier, happier you begins.


Grnd Fitness strives to be a transformative force, cultivating an inclusive space through cutting-edge programs, expert guidance, and a supportive community. Our vision is to inspire a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle, fostering belonging and empowerment—one workout at a time. Welcome to Grnd Fitness, where the journey to a healthier, happier you unfolds.

Community Strength, Flexible Fitness

Experience Community-Driven Fitness at GRND! Dive into our continuous circuit of engaging workouts, where you join in at your own pace and time. Our model fosters a natural, communal atmosphere, empowering you and those around you. Each rep with GRND is a step towards a stronger, more connected you in a fitness journey that bends to your schedule.


Redefine Fitness: Your Journey, Our Guidance

Empower Your Fitness Journey: At GRND Fitness, our team is dedicated to guiding each member through our unique workout stations. Experience the perfect blend of strength, endurance, and core exercises, all tailored to your level. Join us for a transformative fitness experience where expert advice and community support redefine what it means to be fit.

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It only takes a minute inside our studio to understand it’s not a competition — it’s a community. Together, we’re working toward a better version of ourselves to live a longer, more vibrant life.

we offer Expert Guidance

Our team of experienced trainers is dedicated to providing you with the tools and support you need to push yourself to the next level. Whether you're looking to build strength, improve your endurance, or just feel better in your own skin, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you get there.

our reviews and recommendations

Whether you're looking for an intense workout or an enjoyable way to stay in shape, GRND Fitness classes have you covered. Get ready to take your performance to the next level!

GRND is fantastic! The drop-in program is a lifesaver for this busy working mom. The flexibility allows me to finish a thorough full-body workout in just 40 minutes, making it ideal for a swift and impactful session. The combination of strength training and HIIT keeps things dynamic. What makes this gym unique is its inclusive culture; John and Jake have genuinely nurtured a supportive community. I wholeheartedly suggest it to anyone looking for an effective and friendly local gym experience.

Julie F Marketing Director

AMAZING GYM, AMAZING WORKOUTS! The trainers here are incredibly friendly and extremely qualified! They know how to push you to the limit in the best way possible with your workouts. You will not leave disappointed! Such a family vibe as soon as you walk in the doors - I highly recommend checking this gym out.

Leslie N Business Owner

Great gym, great workout, great equipment, great coaches! Coaches Jake and John are super knowledgeable and patient. It makes you feel so welcomed and under no pressure. There are no class times, and it totally adapts to my busy work schedule. You just go and do your workout! The program changes every day, and I will never be bored! You just want to work out there!

Ivy M Principal Engineer

Love this gym! Every time I go I'm challenged to push my limits and the results follow quickly...These workouts will push you harder than a typical gym experience, even if you have gym experience. It also is an amazing and supportive community. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to increase their strength, overall fitness, or mental discipline.

Adam D Pastor

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Alice Dora Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio